MagnumMeta will function as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization where token holders are entitled to some decision-making processes within the ecosystem.

MetaForge holders can vote and make governance proposals by staking MetaForge for a fixed term (at least 3 months). The longer the duration of staking, the more voting power the user obtains, making them stakeholders and not just token holders.

Below are some of the decisions open to proposals and voting within the MagnumMeta ecosystem:

  1. uses for tokens acquired in buybacks

  2. votes around partnerships

  3. development

  4. use of treasury funds

  5. token burn

The governance token allows any stakeholder to make proposals with good ideas on how our platform can perform better.

Voting rights are based on the number of tokens staked. For a proposal to be accepted, it must have the majority of the votes. When different stakeholders send multiple proposals, the proposal with the highest no of votes scales through. All staked tokens will be locked during the voting period.

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